iD Blocking Kit for Western Blot Membrane - (100 ml A 100 ml B) for 10 membranes - 1 kit

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  • Cat.Number : ID-WCBLO1-001
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The iD Blocking Kit is optimised for quick blocking of
any membranes used for Dot blot and Western blot. It
can also be used for quick blocking of any solid surface
such as microtiter plates used for ELISA.
This kit enables the complete blocking of the solid
surface in just 5 minutes. Furthermore, the iD blocking
Kit significantly increases the Western detection
sensitivity compared to the classical milk blocking.
Lower amount of antibodies are needed to reach the
same antigen detection level as using classical blocking method.
Please note that when the antibody has a similar affinity for its antigen than for the blocking reagent, the signal to noise ratio is too low to detect clearly the antigen.
The iD Blocking Kit is compatible with the Eurogentec’s iD TMB Substrate (ID-SUTMB1-060) and iD HRP Substrate Kit (ID-SUHRP1-060).

Key Features
> Blocking in only 5 minutes
> Easy to perform
> Sensitive


Kits components
  • 2 x 50 mL Pretreat A + 2 x 50 mL Pretreat B
Storage & stability
Storage Conditions
  • The kit remains stable for 2 years when stored at 4°C.
  • Research use

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