iD Western 1H - Sensitive Kit with HRP (Mouse) - 1 Kit (5 Assays)

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  • Cat.Number : ID-WBSHM1-005
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Western blotting kit allowing the completion of 5 western blottings in 1,25 hour. It contains the membrane blocking agent, buffers and an anti-mouse secondary antibody, HRP-conjugated. A super-chemiluminescent HRP substrate is included for the detection of low-intensity signals, as well as nitrocellulose membranes.
Key Features
- FAST Process
- Easy to perform
- Low background
- Reproducible results
- No additional secondary antibody needed


Kits components
  • - 50 mL Pretreat Solution A - 50 mL Pretreat Solution B - 0.5 mL WB-1 Solution - 50 mL WB-2 Solution - 125 mL 5x Wash Solution - 5 sheets iD Nitrocellulose Membrane (ID-WCNIM1-005) - 2 x 7.5 mL iD HRP Super Chemoluminescent Substrate
Storage & stability
Storage Conditions
  • Store the iD Nitrocellulose Membrane at room temperature. Store the rest of the kit at 4°C. It will remain stable for two years from the manufacturing date. Do not freeze the kit or any of its components.
Detection Method
  • Research use

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