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Custom oligos are delivered dried in individual 2 mL tube by default except for unmodified SePOP desalted oligonucleotide from 15 to 39 DNA bases which are delivered in water at a concentration of 100 µM. Higher scales from 2.5 µmol may be delivered in 50mL tubes.

On request we can deliver any oligonucleotides in solution. This option enables you to select the nature of the buffer (H2O by default / TE:10 mM Tris-HCl, 1 mM EDTA ; pH 8.0 or other buffer on request), the volume of the buffer (from 50 to 1000 µl) or/and the final oligonucleotides concentration (from 5 to 250 µM). Oligonucleotides can also be normalized to the same desired concentration or volume across plates.


  • Research use
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