iD Stain Pads (R-250) - 20 pce

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The iD Stain Pads are the consumable part of the iD Stain Gel Device for Gel Protein Staining.
Each pack of iD Stain Pads consists of one piece of iDStain Cathode Pad and one piece of iD Stain Anode Pad.
The iD Stain Cathode Pad is presoaked with a proprietary cathode buffer containing Coomassie Brilliant Blue (CBB) R-250.
The iD Stain Anode Pad is presoaked with a proprietary anode buffer.
The iD Stain Pads offer an optimized buffer condition for electric staining of mini protein gels.


Kits components
  • - 20 x iD Cathode Pad R-250 (90 mm (l) × 80 mm (w) × 2.5 mm (t) -Blotting filter paper presoaked with proprietary cathode buffer containing CBB dye) - 20 x iD Anode Pad (90 mm (l) × 80 mm (w) × 2.5 mm (t) - Blotting filter paper presoaked with proprietary anode buffer) - 1 x Absorbent Filter Paper (80 mm (l) × 70 mm (w) × 2.6 mm (t)) - 2 x Sponge Cushion (104 mm (l) × 100 mm (w) × 5 mm (t))
  • Research use

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