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DNA = ACGT   RNA = (ACGU)   2'-O-Me RNA = [ACGU]   2'-O-MOE RNA = <ACGT>   LNA = {ACGT}   Phosphorothioates = A*C*(G*U*C)

Please note:

  • insert the letter X to introduce abasic internal modifications or modifications not listed under A, C, G, T or (U).
  • Modifications must be defined in the "Manage modifications" frame.
  • You can choose up to 2 different internal modifications by sequence.

Click on the chemistry symbol to differentiate chemistry

(default is DNA)

2' O-Me RNA

Click on the letter to add DNA/RNA bases in the sequence


Click on the letter to add Wobbles

(we will incorporate T or U during production according to the chemistry symbol)


Click on the letter X to add non-natural bases or abasic internal modifications

Internal Modification

Click on the symbol to add Linkages

(default is phosphodiester)


Manage modifications

Need help to choose your Dye and Quencher Pair ? Consult our Compatibility table

Add internal modifications:
When applicable, choose your internal modification by clicking on the black triangle ( empty-box ) related to the base to modify.

Modified bases are displayed as a plain dark box ( plain-box ).

X units ( x-chemist ) must always have an internal modification.

Choose a linkage: By default bases are linked by a phosphodiester bond ().

Clicking on the link between to bases changes it to a phosphorothioate linkage (yellow) (). A * is then added to the sequence.

Valid for orders placed before 10 a.m. (CET). Your order must contain up to maximum 24 oligonucleotides and have the same day shipping method.

Complex Oligonucleotides

For any request out of the configurator settings, please contact us