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Batch order

DNA = ACGT   RNA = (ACGU)   2'-O-Me RNA = [ACGU]   2'-O-MOE RNA = <ACGT>   LNA = {ACGT}

Please note:

  • insert the letter X to introduce abasic internal modifications or modifications not listed under A, C, G, T or (U).
  • Modifications must be defined in the "Manage modifications" frame.
  • You can choose up to 2 different internal modifications by sequence.

Click on the chemistry symbol to differentiate chemistry

(default is DNA)

2' O-Me RNA

Click on the letter to add DNA/RNA bases in the sequence


Click on the letter to add Wobbles

(we will incorporate T or U during production according to the chemistry symbol)


Click on the letter X to add non-natural bases or abasic internal modifications

Internal Modification

Click on the symbol to add Linkages

(default is phosphodiester)


Manage modifications

Need help to choose your Dye and Quencher Pair ? Consult our Compatibility table

Add internal modifications:
When applicable, choose your internal modification by clicking on the black triangle ( empty-box ) related to the base to modify.

Modified bases are displayed as a plain dark box ( plain-box ).

X units ( x-chemist ) must always have an internal modification.

Get free primers

Get 2 free primers for each Probe ordered online (Double-Dye, Molecular Beacon or MGB).
Please note : Not applicable if ordered with the batch order file.

Each primer must be 15-30 DNA bases, unmodified and RP-Cartridge–Gold purified.

The synthesis scale of the primers :

  • must be similar to the Double-Dye Probe or Molecular Beacon one (10, 40, 200 or 1000 nmol)
  • must be selected according to the MGB Probe delivered quantity as reported in the quantity table

Select or configure your eligible Free Primers

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Your selected primers

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    Please choose or configure up to 2 primers in the left panel

Complex Oligonucleotides

For any request out of the configurator settings, please contact us