Takyon™ Dry Probe MasterMix dTTP Low Rox - 150 RXN (20 µL)

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Takyon™ Dry Low Rox Probe MasterMix dTTP contains the Takyon™ fusion enzyme for fast, consistent and sensitive results. It contains ROX passive reference for well to well signal normalization. The Takyon™ reagents are provided lyophilized in bottles of 50 (20 µL) RXN.

On the Mx3000P®, Mx3005® and Mx4000®, both MasterMixes with and without ROX passive reference can be used depending on your needs. If you do not perform ROX normalisation on your results, we advise you to use the Takyon Dry Kits for Probe Assay - No ROX which have been validated on these thermocyclers. ; Other formulations are available on request


Kits components
  • 3 bottles of Lyophilized MasterMix (50 RXN) containing Takyon™ DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2 (5.5 mM final concentration), Rox Passive reference, Stabilizers; 2 x 1.6 mL Buffer S (Blue cap); 1 x 2 mL PCR grade water (Clear cap)
Storage & stability
  • Lyophilized
Resuspension condition
  • Resuspend the Takyon™ Dry MasterMix dTTP as per follow: 1) Add the appropriate volume of buffer S or PCR grade water: - 2X : 525 µL PCR grade water or buffer S - 5X : 210 µL PCR grade water or buffer S 2) Close the bottle and stir gently for 15 sec
Storage Buffer
  • Dry, Buffer S or PCR grade water
Storage Conditions
  • Takyon™ Dry is stable for 18 months at 15-35°C dried. Once resuspended in PCR grade water, it is stable for 24 hours at 4°C or 6 months at -20°C. Once resuspended in Buffer S, it is stable for 1 month at 4°C or 6 months at -20°C.
qPCR compatible thermocyclers
Template type
  • cDNA/DNA
Volume activity
  • 20 µL
Detection Method
  • Research use
Code Nacres
  • NA.55

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