dNTPs for PCR and qPCR


dNTPs are enzymatically produced from nucleotide monophosphates by a process of phosphorylation. This process uses highly specific enzymatic systems, which eliminate impurities and PCR inhibitors such as modified nucleotides and pyrophosphates. dNTPs are purified with preparative HPLC and are at least 99 % pure.


dNTPs offer reliable and reproducible performance in any enzymatic reaction, including PCR and reverse transcription. Owing to Lithium-salt preservation, dNTPs are more resistant to repeated freeze/thawing than other commercially available dNTPs, and remain sterile during the entire storage period.


dNTPs are available as convenient 100 mM sets or in ready-to-use dNTP mixes, which are designed to save time and reduce the risk of contamination. The dNTP solutions are ready-to-use at pH 7.0 in Lithium-salts, which offer improved stability of the dNTPs in reactions and longer shelf-life as compared with sodium salts.

Quality Control

The quality of nucleotides used in a PCR can significantly influence the result of the reaction. Our manufacturing process guarantees that the dNTPs are highly purified (>99%). Contaminants can often hinder PCR and result in disappointing product yield. Achieve sensitive and consistent results with our specially prepared deoxynucleotides.

dNTPs are tested for the absence of DNase, RNase, protease and nicking activity. Each batch is validated rigorously for purity by HPLC, and tested for performance in a wide range of PCR templates, including a long-distance 20 kb functional test.

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