All Expression Strategies

We are focused on microbial production systems and have experience in the manufacturing of proteins using all expression strategies: refolding of inclusion bodies, selective periplasmic expression, secreted into the media and soluble cytoplasmic.

Processes are designed using scalable high yielding fed-batch fermentation and purification methods to generate process that can go from clinic to commercial.


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Significant Experience

We have developed over 150 different GMP processes and release over 650 batches of GMP material. To date we have produced a large variety of molecules such as enzymes, cytokines, growth factors, antibody fragments, fusion proteins, recombinant vaccines, DNA binding proteins, core antigens, and inhibitors.

Process development

We offer process development strategies in line with our customer’s business model.

We understand that small biotech companies often need to generate clinical data quickly
while other companies such as big pharma like to establish reproducibility and scalability early in the development process.
Accordingly, we develop process following the FastTrack or OptiTrack method, both offering GMP material suitable for clinical trials.

The FastTrack process development consists of using our platform fermentation technology
and developing the purification conditions as well as the quality controls.
This approach focuses on the delivery of GMP material in the shortest time.

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The OptiTrack process development is based on optimizing
the fermentation conditions before developing the purification conditions.
This approach focuses of the delivery of GMP material with the highest yield.

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