Mission, Vision

The core values which drive us

Eurogentec is forward-looking.

Our passion is to develop innovative solutions to offer sustainable products and services that contribute to the improvement of the life sciences and healthcare.

A unique Partner for Science

To be one of the world leading providers of tailor-made solutions for Life Science Research, Diagnostics and novel Therapies.

Our management

To serve life scientists

Eurogentec’s mission is to develop innovative quality products and services. We are committed to meet the current and future needs of scientists involved in the life sciences research, diagnostics, therapeutic and pharmaceutical fields. We provide them worldwide with high added value biologicals and chemicals.

Our company

Our values


We accompany our customers all along their projects and accommodate according to their SOP's.

Our values

Team spirit

We work with our customers in close collaboration. We put communication at the forefront of our business.

Our values


We continuously develop and provide innovative solutions to serve at best scientists around the world.

Our values

Solution oriented

We are committed to deliver our customers with products that best suit their needs.

Solutions for Life Sciences

Our day to day business is to manufacture products, offer services and assist scientists to improve their research, ease their diagnostic tests or develop novel medicines.

More than simply providing catalog products for genomics and proteomics, we are committed to delivering tailor-made and innovative solutions to the most demanding requests.

Eurogentec’s activities are spread over three business units (BU): Research products, Diagnostic services and Therapeutic manufacturing to guarantee a smooth continuum from research phase to commercialization.

  • Research

    Icon Research products
    Icon Research products


    Eurogentec provides products and services to enable gene and protein research such as oligonucleotides, PCR/qPCR kits and reagents, peptides and antibodies.
    In addition to our large portfolio of ready-to-use catalog products, kits and consumables, Eurogentec has a long expertise in the custom production of biological macromolecules.

  • Diagnostic

    Icon Diagnostic Services
    Icon Diagnostic Services


    We offer technical and project support for contract manufacturing of GMP IVD components (oligonucleotides, Taq DNA polymerases and peptides).
    We produce GMP IVD materials for direct usage in molecular diagnostic assays or as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
    Every product is manufactured under controlled environment and can be delivered separately or assembled according to the customer’s request.

  • Therapeutic

    Icon Therapeutic manufacturing
    Icon Therapeutic manufacturing


    Eurogentec is a US FDA inspected full-service CDMO and provides GMP manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals for (pre-)clinical and commercial use.
    We have a solid expertise in technology transfer, process development, scale-up and GMP manufacturing.
    We perform GMP microbial fermentation to produce recombinant proteins, antibody fragments and plasmid DNA. We also produce mRNA IVT and oligos for human therapeutic uses.