Eurogentec demonstrates fermentation scalability of RBPS minicircle technology

Eurogentec is the first CDMO to demonstrate that the fermentation process used in the RBPS minicircle technology is scalable and ready for use in the cGMP production of minicircle plasmid DNA.

A manuscript summarizing these results is now available on bioRxiv doi:10.1101/300236. 

About Reduced Backbone Plasmids

Minicircle plasmid technology aims to reduce plasmid DNA sequences to the most essential elements. Biopharmaceutical minicircle plasmids are devoid of antibiotic resistance markers and regulatory bacterial elements as these do not bring any therapeutic value in the prevention or treatment of disease and at the same time preserve the therapeutically relevant sequence elements. The resulting minicircle plasmid DNA not only removes potentially unsafe sequences from the plasmid DNA but also results in higher transfection and expression rates.

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