Additional Quality Controls

MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry

This method provides the most precise information about the length, deprotection-product and the presence of labels for modified oligonucleotides over a broad range of lengths (up to 60 bases).


This is a very efficient technique giving quantitative information about the purity level of oligonucleotides from 15 to 40 bases long.


This technique is particularly adapted to quantify the purity level of oligonucleotides from 15 to 40 bases long.

Fluorescence analysis

This nondestructive physical technique provides qualitative information about your fluorescent oligonucleotides.

Included and Optional Quality Controls

We perform Quality Controls for free according to the oligonucleotide specifications.

The table below reports the included QCs related to the oligo type.

Oligo Type

Custom Oligonucleotides Unmodified 2
Modified 3
qPCR Probes Double Dye Probes
Molecular Beacons
MGB Probes
RNAi Oligonucleotides siRNA Duplexes
NGS Oligonucleotides
Complex Oligonucleotides 4
Calibration Oligos
Universal Primers

MS: Mass Spectrometry; UHPLC: Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography.
Always provided up to 60 bases long Oligonucleotides.
Randomized high throughput control.
Except for SePOP desalted oligonucleotides.
For technical reasons, this general rule may be adapted to provide you with the most suitable accurate oligonucleotide.


If no QC are performed or if the QC provided for free is not sufficient for your application, you can still request for an additional QC such as MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry, RP-UHPLC, IEX-UHPLC or fluorescence analysis.