Quality Policy

Kaneka Eurogentec’s mission is to play a key role as innovative solution provider in the field of the biopharmaceutical, genomic and proteomic businesses, creating social and economic value.

Quality management is fundamental for Eurogentec and is implemented by all personnel in their daily activities. In agreement with the quality policy of Kaneka Group, Kaneka Eurogentec’s top management is committed to apply the principles of quality management as described below:

1. Customer focus

We will devote ourselves with a passion to understand our customer’s needs and expectations, and to satisfy them with our sense of service. We will ensure that we meet the commitments to our customers and the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Our customers are at the heart of our commitment for quality.



2. Leadership

We establish Eurogentec mission and strategy, and the objectives to be achieved. We take the responsibility and the leadership of Eurogentec quality management systems. We encourage our staff commitment to quality, at all levels of responsibility.



3. Engagement of people

It is our responsibility to motivate our teams by recognising the quality of their work.
Our staff is at the heart of our success; we support and encourage their fulfillment and the use of their abilities



4. Process approach

We will manage our activities as processes, and we will use our energy and our dynamism to improve them continually. Our processes are the basics of quality for our products and services.



5. Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our quality management systems. We support the efforts of all personnel in order to address risks and opportunities, to achieve improved results and prevent negative effects.



6. Evidence-based decision making

We have the will to constantly measure our performances in relation to the satisfaction of our customers, of our staff, and the effectiveness of our processes. Our decisions are based on facts.



7. Relationship management

We establish and develop sustainable and win-win relations with all our stakeholders.