Shipping conditions

Valid until December 31st, 2023

Shipping fees

Shipping fees (from EU) will be invoiced according to your country and the amount of your order.

Shipping country Shipping Method Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping Shipping Fee
BE, FR, MC, LU, NL, DK Express* 50 EUR 10.5 EUR
AT, ES, FI, IE, IT, PT, SE Express* 50 EUR 13 EUR
BG, CZ, GR, HR, HU, MT, PL, RO, SK, SI, TR, EE, IS, LV, LT, NO Express* 90 EUR 25.5 EUR
CH Express* 55 CHF 27.5 CHF
DE Express* 50 EUR 9.5 EUR
GB Express* 45 GBP 13 GBP
US Express* 110 USD 46 USD
Other Countries Express* 110 EUR 58 EUR
Kits & Reagents Custom Peptides      
BE, DE, DK, FR, LU, MC, NL Express* 275 EUR 17.5 EUR
AT, ES, FI, IE, IT, PT, SE Express* 275 EUR 29 EUR
CZ, EE, HU, IS, LV, LT, MT, NO, PL, SK, TR, GR Express* 275 EUR 46 EUR
BG, HR, RO, SI Express* 275 EUR 69.5 EUR
CH Express* 330 CHF 46 CHF
GB Express* 250 GBP 22.5 GBP
US Express* 1045 USD 133 USD
Other Countries Express* 2200 EUR 145 EUR
Custom AntiSera      
BE, DE, DK, FR, LU, MC, NL Express* n/a 31 EUR
AT, ES, FI, IT, PT, SE, IE Express* n/a 46 EUR
CZ, EE, GR, HU, LV, LT, MT, PL, SK, NO, IS, TR Express* n/a 87 EUR
BG, HR, RO, SI Express* n/a 115.5 EUR
CH Express* n/a 60.5 CHF
GB Express* n/a 28 GBP
US Express* n/a 133 USD
Other Countries Express* n/a 145 EUR

Shipping methods

*Express Delivery

Receive your Oligonucleotides and your Kits & Reagents within 24 to 48 hours by international carrier.

Same day shipping Option

Same day shipping Option is still available on request (additional fees will be charged).

Ice fee

Ice fee for wet ice and dry ice shipments 22 EUR, 20 GBP, 24 CHF, 143 USD (on request for other countries).

Administrative costs

Administrative costs (22 EUR, 20 GBP, 24 CHF) will be charged for re-invoicing if necessary due to incorrect or incomplete information on the order form.