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Could you help me for the design of my oligonucleotides?

We can assist you in the design of your qPCR probes, siRNA and miRNA

How to calculate the molecular weight of my oligonucleotide?

Anhydrous MW (g.mol-1) = ∑individual base MW + ∑individual Modification MW - 63.98 + 2.016 For DNA bases: MW dA = 313.21; MW dC = 289.18; MW dG= 329.21; MW dT = 304.20; MW dU= 290.17; MW dI = 314.19 For RNA bases: MW DNA counterpart + 16. When determining the weight of Uracil (rU) start with dU a...

Eurogentec enters in the Therapeutic Oligonucleotides Manufacturing Field

GMP certification by the Belgium Authorities for the manufacturing and quality control of therapeutic oligonucleotides according to ICH Q7 is planned for Q1 2019.