Research Grade

Oligos specifications

Since 1985, Eurogentec has provided high-quality reagents and custom synthesized oligonucleotides to scientists around the world. Our oligos range from the routine research primers to the most complex nucleotide sequences. Delivered in µg or large scales, they are provided with the required quality recommended for any application from research use up to commercialisation.

  • From 2 to 225 bases
  • Research, Track™ and GMP grade Oligos
  • From lab to large synthesis scale
  • Large range of chemistries incl LNA®, 2’O-Me RNA, 2’-O-MOE, PNA…
  • More than 300 modifications
  • Custom fill & finish
  • Stringent quality controls
  • ISO9001/ISO13485 certified

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Oligo Quality

Eurogentec Oligonucleotides are made using only the highest quality equipment and reagents to guarantee excellent results. All reagents used for oligo synthesis come from reliable suppliers, and each lot is extensively QC checked prior to use.

All our synthesizers are fitted with on-line (real-time) trityl analysis to ensure that the synthesis of each oligo meets our stringent quality requirements. All oligos are routinely analyzed by optical density (OD260) measurement.

According to the oligo specifications, we perform quality controls for free as reported in the table below.

Oligo Type

Custom Oligonucleotides Unmodified 2
Modified 3
qPCR Probes Double Dye Probes
Molecular Beacons
MGB Probes
RNAi Oligonucleotides siRNA Duplexes
NGS Oligonucleotides
Complex Oligonucleotides 4
Calibration Oligos
Universal Primers

MS: Mass Spectrometry; UHPLC: Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography.
1 Always provided up to 60 bases long Oligonucleotides.

2 Randomized high throughput control.
3 Except for SePOP desalted oligonucleotides.
4 Optional.
For technical reasons, this general rule may be adapted to provide you with the most suitable accurate oligonucleotide.


If requested, we can perform specific QC

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