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Dye-labeled Calibration Oligos


What are calibration oligos?

Dye-labeled calibration oligos are 5’ fluorescent 10-mers dT oligonucleotides used as a reference to calibrate real-time qPCR thermocyclers.


Why use calibration oligos?

Calibration is a preliminary step meant to adjust spectral profiles for each single dye on the qPCR platforms. This allows to compensate for crosstalks between dyes (channels) in the context of multiplexed assays, which is critical for appropriate result analysis.


Calibration Oligonucleotides are RP-HPLC purified, MS Quality controled and provided dried at a quantity of 5 nmol.

Oligo name Reference 5' Modification  Abs/Em (nm)
AP5-T10 UN-CT001-005 AP5 527/549
YY-T10 UN-CT005-005 Yakima Yellow® 530/549
HEX-T10 UN-CT010-005 HEX 535/556
DFO-T10 UN-CT015-005 Dragonfly Orange™ 554/576
TET-T10 UN-CT020-005 TET 521/536
JOE-T10 UN-CT025-005 JOE 529/555
HL647-T10 UN-CT030-005 Hilyte™ Fluor 647 650/675
ROX-T10 UN-CT035-005 ROX 575/602
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