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Universal Primers


Quantity : 1 OD/5 nmol
Purification : RP-HPLC
Quality Control : MALDI-TOF MS + CGE
Delivery : Dried in a 2 mL tube
Shipping : At room temperature

The interest of Universal primers

Nucleic acid sequence analysis is an extensively applied method in Genomics studies. Universal primers are complementary to nucleotide sequences that are very common in a particular set of DNA molecules and cloning vectors. Thus, they are able to bind to a wide variety of DNA templates.

During sequencing, primers are annealed to the denatured DNA template to provide an initiation site for the elongation of the new DNA molecule. Primers can either be specific to a particular DNA nucleotide sequence or they can be “Universal.”

All Universal Oligonucleotides  are provided RP-HPLC purified and MALDI -TOF MS controlled. They are sent dried in 2 ml tubes with a typical final yield of 1 OD / 5 nmol.

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