Double-Dye Probes

Dyes and quenchers covering all qPCR channels

We offer a wide range of fluorophores and quenchers in various combinations to fit any method and Real-Time thermocycler.

  • Length: From 8 to 45 bases
  • Synthesis scale: 10 nmol • 40 nmol • 200 nmol• 1000 nmol • 2.5 µmol • 5µmol • 10µmol*
  • Backbone: DNA, LNA®, 2’O-Me RNA and phosphodiester linkage
  • Modifications:  5’: 6-FAM, HEX, Cy®3, TET , Cy5®…   3’: TAMRA, DABCYL, BHQ™, DDQ…
  • Purification: HPLC
  • Quality Control: MALDI-TOF MS and analytical HPLC
  • Format: Dried
  • Packaging: 2 mL tube**
  • Probe Design: Available on request

*Larger scales are available on request
***Higher scales from 2.5 µmol may be delivered in 50mL tubes.

Double-Dye probes Principle


Double-Dye Oligonucleotides have a fluorescent reporter dye and a quencher at their 5’ and 3’ ends, respectively.

During the amplification process, the 5’>3’ exonuclease activity of the Taq DNA polymerase cleaves the fluorophore from the probe. Since the fluorophore is no longer subjected to FRET quenching, it starts to fluoresce. This fluorescence can be measured, and the level is directly proportional to the amount of target DNA accumulating during the PCR reaction.

LNA® Double-Dye probes


We provide Classical and LNA® Double-Dye probes.

Compared to DNA Double-Dye probes, LNA® Double-Dye probes exhibit higher thermal stabilities, specificity and reproducibility. They show better mismatch discrimination which allows the use of shorter probes.

Furthermore, LNA® offers the possibility to adjust Tm values of primers and probes in multiplex assays.

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