Universal capabilities

The Takyon® kits are compatible with all cyclers and applications including high throughput and multiplex testing.

Large dynamic range

The Takyon® kits give consistent amplification results across a large range of initial target concentrations.

Superior Sensitivity

The optimized formulation of the Takyon® Kits allows for the clear detection of low copy target.

Efficient & Robust formulation

The fusion polymerase is highly efficient and less sensitive to inhibitors. This allows amplification with some difficult templates like biological fluids and viruses.

Small reaction volumes

The high sensitivity of the Takyon® kits combined with the highly concentrated 5X format gives reliable results even in small volume reaction.

Suitable for multiplex

The Takyon® kits allow for the detection of multiple targets in a single reaction tube.

qPCR for gene expression

Check out our One-Step Takyon® Ultra Probe 4X Master Mix and combine the reverse transcription of RNA and the amplification of the cDNA, into a single tube.

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Upgrade your Takyon® qPCR Kits with different options

Visual Aid

The visualization option relies on the inert blue dye that can be added into any of our clear mixes. This dye eases the visualization of dispensing errors at a glance. The contrast is even better when using white plates.

All of our Takyon® SYBR® fast qPCR master mixes and core kits as well as the most of our Probe-based kits already include the blue dye.

Blue additive is sold separately to convert any clear mixes.

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The UNG eliminates any trace of DNA molecules containing dUTP from previous reactions.

dUTP/UNG additive can be purchased separately to convert any dTTP MasterMix into a carryover prevention compatible kit.

Please note that this option is not compatible with One-Step kits.

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Takyon™ One-Step Kit Converter converts any dTTP MasterMix into a One-Step qPCR Kit

Please note that this option is not compatible with One-Step kits.

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