From Deep Blue to IR Dyes

Our chemical experts are fully trained to synthesize MGB Probes conjugated to a large range of fluorophores.
According to your qPCR platform, we can provide you with molecular probes ranking from deep blue fluorescence to infra-red.

Commercial use of qPCR Probes labeled with ATTO, Yakima Yellow® or Texas Red® fluorescent dyes may be subject to IP,
please check out our License statements.


Configure my probes

What are the advantages
of the MGB probe technology?


MGB increases the Tm of a probe thanks to its minor groove binding ability and offer a very high specificity toward its complementary sequence.


MGB-Eclipse™ Probes display a very high signal to noise ratio ensuring the detection of low copy targets.


License-free MGB-Eclipse™ Probes are perfectly suited for patient management and diagnostic of pathogens.

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