Our oligos accompany you
from research to commercialization

We have a strong background in oligonucleotide production and offer a good continuum from research to commercialization.
Our scientific experts work in state-of-the-art facilities to deliver quality products in accordance to the customer’s request.
Each oligo grade is accompanied with the appropriate documentation according to its usage.

Oligonucleotide Grades Research Track™ Pre-Diagnostic Diagnostic
Dedicated Account Contact Person Option
Customized Fill & Finish Option Option
Quality Management        
ISO 9001 Certified Process
ISO 13845 Certified Process - -
Qualification/Validation [Equipment & Method] - Partial
Quantification Single Dual Triple Triple
Stringent QC Tests [validated] -
Traceability Partial Documented Documented Full Documented
Batch Record [Archived for 5 years] - - Partial Full
Classified Cleanrooms - -
Certificate of Analysis [CoA] -

Our offer at a glance

We offer a broad expertise in custom Oligonucleotide manufacturing for diagnostic applications.

Discuss your Project

  • We produce oligonucleotides from small to large scales.
  • Various modifications are available with proprietary IP-friendly solutions.
  • We can adapt and customize any production [synthesis scale, purification, fill & finish, QC].
  • We offer custom formulation and packaging.
  • We manufacture Oligos since 1985
  • We have a strong expertise in complex oligo synthesis
  • Our certified clean-rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art material
  • Our employees are trained to operate in GMP environment
  • We are ISO 13485 Certified
  • We produce oligos for IVD in Classified cleanrooms
  • Continuous risk management process
  • Stringent product release QC criteria
  • Comprehensive internal batch records

A dedicated account manager is assigned to each project.

We encourage regular discussions to ensure clear understanding of manufacturing requirements and specifications. In addition, our technical experts are available for consultation on all aspects of manufacturing and quality system.

Each Step of the process
is customizable

  • Synthesis scale from μg to multi-grams
  • Dedicated equipment and reagents
  • Development of custom modifications
  • Custom mixes of backbones
  • Ion Exchange UHPLC (IEX-UHPLC)
  • Reverse-Phase UHPLC (RP-UHPLC)
  • Dual UHPLC
  • Ultrafiltration [Large scale only]
  • Dedicated purification columns available
  • Typical QC Release Methods
    • Quantification (UV spectrophotometry)
    • Physical inspection
    • Mass Spectrometry : ESI-TOF, MALDI-TOF, LC-MS
    • Ion Exchange UHPLC (IE-UHPLC)
    • Reverse-Phase UHPLC (RP-UHPLC)
  • Optional QC Release Methods
  • Customized QC Release Methods
  • Product Stability Testing
  • Customized mixtures of individual oligonucleotides
  • Conjugated oligonucleotides (HRP, AP, synthetic peptides, proteins)
  • Lyophilized, dried or in solution (H2O, Tris Buffer or custom Buffer)
  • Bulk or aliquoted into tubes or plates
  • Customized fill & finish
  • Customized packaging and labeling