Key advantages of the service



  • Production under ISO9001 or ISO13485
  • Risk-controlled process
  • Production in ISO8 cleanroom



Custom format adapted to your needs

  • Tubes/Strips/Plates/Bulks
  • Laser marking/Barcoding
  • Small/Large batch size

Tailored QCs



Get your products with a full documentation
and a functional QC-release report.


Unique Interlocutor

A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to each project for information sharing and project follow-up, under full confidentiality.

Enabling technologies

We accompany you throughout the whole process to ease the integration of these technologies in your assays.

IP-friendly Dyes & Quenchers

Our Access Dyes and Quenchers offer unmatched detection performance for all your nucleic acid-based applications.

A customizable and attractive offer spanning the full visible spectrum, from blue to far-red-shifted wavelengths.

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New generation of amplification reagents

We have developed fast and robust proprietary enzymes.

Our innovative and tailored buffer formulations offer an optimal solution for your amplification assays.

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Assay Preparation

We provide and assemble all the necessary components for an efficient qPCR assay: primers, probes, mastermixes and more.

With our flexible format and layout approach, we deliver your kit in the quality and design you defined.

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Your project at a glance

Dedicated Project Managers and technical experts advise you all along your project.

All projects are handled with complete confidentiality. A non-disclosure agreement is executed during the initial stages of communication.

  1. Start

    First contact to discuss your project.
  2. Specification

    We define together the specifications of the project.
  3. Quotation

    We prepare the quotation according to the specifications.
  4. Test Batch

    We produce a test batch for technical validation.
  5. Main Batch

    Upon customer approval, we produce the main batch.
  6. Delivery

    You receive your custom kit.

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