An innovative qPCR supplier
since 2000

With 20-year track record as a primary manufacturer of nucleic acids amplification reagents, Eurogentec is a partner of choice ensuring a robust and reliable supply of tailored solutions specific to your applications.


Custom batches released

We handle custom production for requests ranging from 250 mL
to 40 L per batch

Create your own amplification solution

A wide range of options and specifications allow you to tailor the product to your needs, with the support of a project manager. Upon project completion, we deliver your product in the desired concentration, volume and format, under appropriate quality standards.

For large volume, we offer particular Quality Controls.


Enzymes, dNTPs, salts, stabilizers and other components such as BSA, Blue dye, adjuvant, ROX,..., for dye- or probe-based formulations.


Adjusted concentration according to your needs, from e.g. 1x to 10x concentrated mastermixes


From small to large reagent volumes


Reagents can be provided in tubes, strips or plates, as well as in bulk bottles, wet or lyophilized.