Up to

20 µL RXNs package size

Advantages of our RT-qPCR Mix

Our Probe based One-Step Takyon® Ultra RT qPCR MasterMix with a broad dynamic range
enables specific, reproducible and highly sensitive detection of RNA.
Combined with the improved Euroscript II Plus, your high throughput automated assays
can be conveniently assembled at room temperature.


Takyon® Ultra is compatible with all qPCR instruments. The MasterMix can be easily adjusted to the appropriate ROX™ level in a single initial pipetting step using the included ROX vial.


Our MasterMix formulation has been optimized to ensure more specific results even in low target copy context and clean Non template Controls (NTC).

Our new reagent enables increased multiplexing capabilities allowing for co-detection in clinical samples of various targets.


The 4x MasterMix is perfectly suited for robotic platforms. The reagents are stable at 20°C for up to 24h allowing for convenient automated high-throughput assay set-up.

Quantitative RT-PCR protocol

The One-Step Takyon® Ultra Probe 4X MasterMix produces consistent and sensitive results under Fast cycling conditions.
For increased convenience, a working blend of MasterMix and Euroscript II RT Plus can be prepared and stored at -20°C for up to one month.
This one-tube solution is also stable at 20°C for up to 24h allowing for time-consuming high-throughtput assay set-up.

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