How to select your qPCR probe?

  1. Select the probe type

    Dual labeled Probes are widely used because they are most efficient and offer sequence specificity SYBR® Green does not. To increase sensitivity and specificity, MGB probes are recommended.
  2. Select your fluorescent dye

    This step is important to select the most appropriate dye according to your thermocycler. To help you in dye selection, please refer to the compatibility cycler channels versus fluorescent dyes table.

    Dyes/Channels Table

  3. Choose the quencher adapted to your dye

    Each fluorescent dye emits at a specific Wavelength. The Best quenching result is obtained with quenchers that absorb in the same range. To select the best dye/quencher couple, you can consult the dyes & quencher compatibility table.

    Dyes/Quenchers Table

Primer Probe Ratio

Optimal qPCR result may require primers and probe titration or adjustment of the primer/probe ratio.


Find the best Fluorophore and Quencher pair

With our Dyes and Quenchers Table find the most appropriate couple for your equipments.


Minimum guaranteed Yield

Get an estimation of the amount of Dual labeled Probe you will receive.


At your side from research to commercialization

Oligo Grades

Our oligonucleotides can be used for research, pre-diagnostic, or diagnostic applications.
We manufacture your qPCR Probes with the appropriate quality level according to your application.

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Large Scale oligo synthesis

For applications requiring large amounts of primers and probes, we produce your oligonucleotides in bulk quantities up to a few dozen grams per batch.

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IP-Friendly Solution

Our selection of proprietary molecules or other dyes are suitable for commercial applications.
With our Access™ Dyes & Quenchers, benefit from a Friendly license solution incl. BHQ® and MGB-Eclipse quenchers.

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Besides custom primers and probes, we also produce and deliver PCR and qPCR reagents and Kits. Our offer includes off-the-shelf products but also tailor-made solutions according to your requirements.

We synthesize oligonucleotides for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications.

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We produce and deliver reagents for qPCR assays. From individual component to concentrated MasterMixes, our products are optimized to ensure a high sensitivity and reproducibility.

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We produce, package and release your nucleic acid-based assays. Benefit from our expertise and innovative technologies and avoid costly investments in manufacturing equipment.

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We offer a highly flexible and custom service for the preparation and the delivery of your Lab Developed Tests (LDTs) in a ready-to-use format.

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