Black Hole Quenchers
BHQ-1® - BHQ-2® - BHQ-3®

We have been synthesizing custom oligonucleotides and qPCR probes labeled with the original BHQ® quencher dyes for decades. We produce and deliver your nucleic acid sequences for research, diagnostic and commercial use.

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BHQ-1®, BHQ-2® and BHQ-3®

We use the original Black Hole Quencher 1, 2 and 3 to label your oligonucleotides. BHQ® quenchers are the most popular and used quenchers for fluorescence quenched qPCR probes as they absorb a wide range of wavelengths from 480 nm to 730 nm.

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BHQ® Quenchers Absorption Range (in nm) IP Free D/Q pairs Compatible fluorescent dyes
Black Hole Quencher 1 480 – 580 nm



Yakima Yellow/ BHQ®-1

ATTO 390/ BHQ®-1

ATTO 425/ BHQ®-1

ATTO 465/ BHQ®-1

ATTO 488/ BHQ®-1

ATTO 520/ BHQ®-1

ATTO 532/ BHQ®-1

ATTO 390

ATTO 425

ATTO 465

ATTO 488

ATTO 495

ATTO 520

ATTO 532






Yakima Yellow®

Black Hole Quencher 2 559 – 690 nm


ATTO 550/BHQ®-2

ATTO 565/BHQ®-2

ATTO Rho12/BHQ®-2

ATTO 590/BHQ®-2

ATTO 594/BHQ®-2

ATTO 550

ATTO 565

ATTO 590

ATTO 594

ATTO 610



DragonFly Orange



Texas Red®

Black Hole Quencher 3 650 – 730 nm

ATTO 633/BHQ®-3

ATTO 647N/BHQ®-3

ATTO 655/BHQ®-3

ATTO 680/BHQ®-3

ATTO 700/BHQ®-3

ATTO 620

ATTO 633

ATTO 637


ATTO 655

ATTO 680

ATTO 700


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Why choose BHQ® quenchers?

IP free for all applications

BHQ® patents for diagnostic and commercial use were lifted.

No native fluorescence

BHQ® were engineered to be true black quenchers with no native fluorescence.

Efficiently quenched fluorescent Dyes

BHQ® quench fluorescence with a very high signal-to-noise ratio.

Broad absorption range

BHQ® absorb fluorescent emission from 480 nm to 730 nm

Compatible with a large range of reporter dyes

BHQ® can be paired to a large panel of fluorescent dyes

Ideal for multiplexing assays

BHQ® have no residual background signal and a broad spectral range

How to order?

Usually, in dual-labeled qPCR Probes, Black Hole Quenchers are conjugated to the 3’end of the nucleic acid sequence. We can also modify your oligonucleotide at its 5’ terminus or at an internal position.

Research Grade Oligonucleotides

Research grade Oligonucleotides can be easily ordered via one of our configurators online.

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Diagnostic Grade Oligonucleotides

Pre-diagnostic and diagnostic grade oligonucleotides can be ordered after introducing a request.

Upon request you will be in contact with your dedicated account manager to discuss your project. After discussion and evaluation we will emit a quote for you.

Once we receive your agreement and the quote is signed, we will start the production of your nucleic acid sequences.

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Other IP-Friendly Dyes

Our portfolio of Access™ fluorescent Dyes and Quenchers is comprehensive, spanning the full visible spectrum. We have D/Q pairs covering all the qPCR channels from Deep Blue to Infrared.

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