IP-friendly qPCR Probes

Access™ Dyes & Quenchers

Empower your diagnostic assays with our selection of IP-Friendly and efficient fluorescent dyes and quenchers. We produce dual-labeled qPCR Probes with the most popular reporter/quencher pairs such as FAM/BHQ®-1, ROX/BHQ®-2, HEX/MGB-EDQ…

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An IP-friendly portfolio of dyes for diagnostics based real-time qPCR

Access™ Dyes and Quenchers include FAM, Yakima Yellow®, ROX, HiLyte Fluor™, BHQ®, MGB-EDQ, QXL® and other fluorescent dyes and dark quenchers on request.

Our selection of dyes for diagnostic tests covers the full visible spectrum, from blue to far-red-shifted wavelengths.

Find in the table here below, the most efficient dye and quencher pairs for qPCR Probes.

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Channels Dye and Quencher pairs Dye Emission
λmax (nm)
Quencher Abs
λmax (nm)
Deep Blue Epoch Blue / DDQ1 460 440
ATTO 390 / DDQ1 476 440
ATTO 425 / DDQ1 485 440
ATTO 465 / DDQ1 509 440
Green Yellow FAM / BHQ®-1     520 534
FAM / EDQ 520 522
FAM / MGB-EDQ  520


Yellow Orange HEX / BHQ®-1 556 534
HEX / EDQ 556 522


YY / BHQ®-1     549 534
YY / EDQ 549 522
Orange Red ROX / BHQ®-2 602 579
ROX / MGB-EDQ 602 342/545
ATTO 590 / BHQ®-2 593 579
Red HL647 / QXL®670 675 668
Infrared HL750 / IRQXL® 778 772

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Efficient Double Dye probes for Diagnostics

Our Access™ Dyes and Quenchers consist of efficient reporter dyes and quenchers that can be used for research, diagnostic and commercial applications.

Besides popular dyes such as FAM and BHQ®, we also provide diagnostic grade qPCR probes labeled with our proprietary molecules such as our HiLyte™ Fluor dyes and our QXL® Quenchers.

A Unique Partner for all your NAT Applications

We provide research, Track™ and diagnostic grade oligonucleotides.

Our offer ensures a smooth continuum from research to commercialization.

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BHQ® is a registered trademark of Biosearch Technologies, Inc. Cy® is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare.
Eclipse™ Dark Quencher is a trademark of ElitechGroup, Inc. Hilyte™ is a trademark of Anaspec,Inc.
QXL® is a registered trademark of Anaspec,Inc
Yakima Yellow® is a registered trademark of Epoch Biosciences, Inc.