Get bulk quantities of purified oligonucleotides


We produce from micrograms to grams HPLC purified oligonucleotides

Custom Solution

We offer a variety of backbones and modifications . We deliver your oligos dried, in solution and/or in aliquots


We deliver oligos for Research, in vitro Diagnostic and Therapeutic applications

Dedicated Project Managers

A dedicated contact person is available during your project, to discuss your project, give you information and share with you the status of your project.

Non-disclosure agreement can be signed upon request

Discuss your Project

Classified Cleanrooms

Diagnostic and pre-clinical oligonucleotides are produced in classified cleanrooms.

Restriction access and specific gowning are applied.

Trusted experience

30+ years experience in oligonucleotide manufacturing
15+ years experience in large scale production

Unique Partner

We accompany our customers from their research phase to diagnostic or to clinical studies and deliver large scale oligonucleotides with the appropriate quality level.

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