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The Glen catalog includes many reagents and supports to synthesize DNA and RNA oligonucleotides.

All the reagents are produced with a high level of quality to ensure the best result on each commercial synthesizer.

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DNA & RNA Nucleosides, Analogs, and Supports

  • Natural DNA Phosphoramidites and Supports
  • Natural RNA Phosphoramidites and Supports
  • Nucleoside Analog Phosphoramidites

RNA Synthesis

  • RNA Phosphoramidites/Supports
  • Minor RNA CE Phosphoramidites
  • 2’-OMe-RNA CE Phosphoramidites/Supports
  • Minor 2’-OMe-RNA CE Phosphoramidites
  • 2’-F-RNA Phosphoramidites
  • 2’-Se-Me-U Phosphoramidites

Universal Supports and Synthesis Supplies

  • Empty Synthesis Columns & Frits
  • Oligo-Affinity Supports
  • Universal Support III
  • Glen UnySupport

Modification and labeling

  • Bacbone Modification
  • Modifiers
  • Labeling Reagents
  • NHS Esters
  • Click and Copper-free Click Chemistry

Ancillary Reagents

  • Activators
  • Capping Reagents
  • Deblocking (detritylation) Reagents
  • Diluents and Wash Reagents
  • Oxidation Reagents
  • Sulfurizing Reagents

Oligonucleotide Purification Supplies

  • Glen Gel-Pak™ Desalting Columns
  • Glen-Pak™ Purification
  • Oligonucleotide Purification Reagents
  • Poly-Pak™ Purification

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