3' (5-carboxy-dC) - 1 modification

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5-carboxy-dC (5-cadC) is the oxidized form of 5-formyl-dC

Modified 2’-deoxycytosine is available as a 5', internal or 3’ modification to modify oligonucleotide cytosine residues with a carboxyl group. This modification has a great interest in epigenetic studies and gene expression research.
Epigenetic events occur on nucleotide sequences. DNA methylation (5-Me-dC) is one of the most studied events. This modification mediated by the DNA methyltransferase enzymes occurs on the cytosine amino acid of CpG dinucleotide sites with a strong presence in GC-rich promoters.
Oxidations of 5-Me-dC by the TET (ten eleven translocation) oxygenases generate 5-hydroxymethyl-cytosine (5hmC), which can be oxidized into 5-formyl-cytosine (5fC). An additional oxidation step generates the 5-carboxycytosine (5caC).
5-Me-dC has been shown to be involved in the gene expression regulation. The misregulation of the DNA methylation has been identified as a marker for cancers. Studying DNA methylation pattern and detecting aberrant methylation amount could open new paths in cancer research and diagnostic.


Molecular Mass/ Weight
  • 333.19
Modification Position
  • 3'
Storage & stability
Resuspension condition
  • -Spin the tube briefly to collect the pellet in the bottom of the tube - Add an appropriate volume of recommended buffer (refer to technical data sheet) - Allow the tube to stand a few minutes - Vortex the tube for 15 seconds
Storage Conditions
  • Dried Oligonucleotides are stable for 18 months at ambiant temperature. Oligonucleotides in solutions are stable for 24 months at -20°C. (Tolerance -20°C± 5°C. )For more information please refer to the Reconstitution-Storage-Stability page<br>
Code Nacres
  • NA.51

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