Gastrin-1, human - 1 mg

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Gastrin-1 is also referred to as Gastrin-17 or “Little Gastrin.” Secretion of gastrin is induced by food intake and causes the release of gastric acid in the stomach. Secreted by the G cells in the gastric mucosa, it is one of the major bioactive forms of gastrin found in tissue and plasma (the other bioactive form is Gastrin-34 or Big Gastrin). Both Gastrin-17 and Gastrin-34 are carboxy-amidated and partially tyrosine sulfated. Binding of Gastrin to the CCK2/gastrin receptor requires carboxy-amidation, however sulfation is not necessary for binding to the receptor. Binding of Gastrin to the CCK2/Gastrin receptors on parietal cells of the stomach causes them to secrete hydrochloric acid (HCl) and stimulates lectin-like protein Reg expression via activation of PKC and RhoA. Gastrin also plays a role in release of Histamine and Pepsinogen.


Sequence one letter code
Sequence three letter code
  • Pyr-Gly-Pro-Trp-Leu-Glu-Glu-Glu-Glu-Glu-Ala-Tyr-Gly-Trp-Met-Asp-Phe-NH2
CAS registry number
  • 10047-33-3
Molecular Formula
  • C97H124N20O31S
Molecular Mass/ Weight
  • 2098.3
  • Unconjugated
Quantity & Purity
Storage & stability
  • Lyophilized
Storage Conditions
  • - 20 °C
Biomarker Target
Research Area
Sub-category Research Area
  • Research use
Source / Species
  • human
Code Nacres
  • NA.26

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