GeneReleaser DNA Extraction kits

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Kit for DNA extraction

DNA preparation before primer extension in 10 minutes
Facilitates the release of DNA from whole blood, tissues, bacteria, yeasts and plants
Sequesters cell lysis products which might inhibit thermostable polymerases or interfere with primer extension

GeneReleaser is a reagent, which releases DNA from whole blood, cell cultures, bacterial colonies etc. Lysis is accomplished directly in the amplification tube on a thermocycler. Typically, 1 µl of sample is lysed in a total volume of 20 µl and amplification reagents are subsequently added to initiate amplification. GeneReleaser sequesters cell lysis products which might inhibit polymerases and improves amplification yield and specificity. GeneReleaser greatly simplifies the amplification of genomic DNA by avoiding the need to purify DNA. This avoids lengthy protocols and excessive sample manipulations, which may introduce contamination. GeneReleaser is provided as a ready-to-use stock sufficient for 100 or 400 assays.


Kits components
  • GeneReleaser - 100 assays contains 1 tube of 2 mL GeneReleaser® (ready to use) GeneReleaser - 400 assays contains 4 tubes of 2 mL GeneReleaser® (ready to use)
Storage & stability
Storage Conditions
  • 4°C. Do not freeze.
Template type
  • DNA
  • Research use
Code Nacres
  • NA.52

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