isoGuanosine (iso-dG) - 1 modification

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The technology developed by EraGen consists of two additional bases (isoCytosine (iso-dC) and isoGuanosine (iso-dG) that form the third base pair. EraGen has spent years optimizing the production of all reagents required to allow the technology to reach its full potential. EraGen technology.

In natural DNA, two complementary strands are joined by a sequence of Watson-Crick base pairs. These obey two rules of complementarity: size (large purines pair with smaller pyrimidines) and hydrogen bonding (hydrogen bond donors from one nucleobase pair with hydrogen bond acceptors from the other). The former is necessary to permit the structure that underlines enzyme recognition. The latter achieves the specificity that gives rise to the simple rules for base pairing (“A pairs with T, G pairs with C”) that underlie genetics and molecular biology. No other class of natural products has reactivity that obeys such simple rules. Nor is it obvious how one designs a class of chemical substances that does so much so simply.


Molecular Mass/ Weight
  • 329,21
Modification Position
  • 5'
  • IN
Storage & stability
Resuspension condition
  • - Spin the tube briefly to collect the pellet in the bottom of the tube - Add an appropriate volume of recommended buffer (refer to technical data sheet) - Allow the tube to stand a few minutes - Vortex the tube for 15 seconds
Storage Conditions
  • Dried Oligonucleotides are stable for 18 months at ambiant temperature. Oligonucleotides in solutions are stable for 24 months at -20°C. (Tolerance -20°C± 5°C. ) For more information please refer to the Reconstitution-Storage-Stability page
  • Research use
Code Nacres
  • NA.51

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