qPCR 384-well white plate for LC 480 system

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The skirted 384-well plate perfectly fits to Roche LC480 platforms. The plate is fully optimized for robotic applications utilized for high-throughput, low volume processing. Each plate is lasermark-coded with a unique code.
- Perfect fit to Roche LC480
- Fully skirted, low profile, white plate
- Low evaporation, very robust, due to clever design
- Extreme Uniform wells lead to reproducible results
- Robotic friendly, easy stackable, flat and high S/N Ratio

These white qPCR 384-well plates are made of a special polypropylene of optical quality and of medical grade and virgin quality. The white plastic is preferred in all qPCR procedures due to increased signal noise ratio for improved Real-Time qPCR signal yields.

- Virgin optical quality polypropylene blend, optimized for qPCR, which causes no background fluorescence.
- Extreme uniformity of wall thickness: thin wall at the bottom for optimal heat transfer, thicker wall at the top to minimize evaporation.
- Perfectly flat, thin-walled and rigid, but still flexible structure, with extreme uniformity. Avoid edge artifacts.
- Their very rigid stabilized frame will help you Avoid robotic handling problems due to plate warping.
- Extensive visual and physical quality controls ensuring the highest consistency in quality of the products.
- White plates significantly increase signal-to-noise ratio when compared to natural plates. Thus, lower levels of fluorescence are detectable.
- The antistatic properties of our plastics minimize reagents adsorption to the tube walls, thus leading to higher yields and allowing the use of small reaction volumes.
- New super-tight closure and sealing properties reduce evaporation, leading to more reproducible results.

These plates must be preferencially used on Roche - LightCycler® 480 but are also compatible on BioRad - CFX384®, Biometra T1 (plus) , Biometra TProfessional , Biometra TRobot , Corbett Research Palm-Cycler™ ,Eppendorf MasterCycler® , Eppendorf MasterCycler® gradient , Eppendorf MasterCycler® ep gradient , Eppendorf MasterCycler® ep gradient S , MJ Research/Bio-Rad PTC-200 , MJ Research/Bio-Rad PTC-221 , MJ Research/Bio-RadPTC-220 , MJ Research/Bio-Rad PTC-225 , MWG Primus HT Dualblock , MWGPrimus Multiblock System ;Stratagene Robo-Cycler;Techne Genius ;Techne FlexiGene/FlexiQuad , Techne TC-512 , ThermoHybaid PCR Express, ThermoHybaid Px2 , ThermoHybaid MBS, ThermoHybaid MBSR, ABIGeneAmp® PCR System 9700 ;ABIVerity ;Bio-Rad iCycler® and Bio-Rad C1000


Quantity & Purity
Endotoxin content
  • Pyrogen-free (not for sample)
Storage & stability
Storage Conditions
  • Store at Room Temperature
qPCR compatible thermocyclers
  • Diagnostics
  • Research use
Code Nacres
  • NB.15

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