qPCR 8-tube strip, 0.2 ml, high profile, white

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The regular profile 8-tube strips are:
- Designed for PCR and qPCR applications
- White
- Compatible with ABI GeneAmp® 5700, ABI Prism® SDS 7000-7300-7500-7700 (Regular block, non-fast), ABI Prism® SDS 7900HT (Regular block, non-fast), ABI Viia7™ qPCR system, ABI QuantStudio™ 6-7-12k Flex, Bio-Rad MyiQ™ -iQ-iQ5, Analytik Jena/Biometra TOptical-qTower, Agilent/Stratagene Mx3000P®- Mx3005P®- Mx4000P® MiniOpticon™

Please refer to the compatibility table to select the 8-tube strip adapted to your thermocycler.
Regular Profile:
- Optimized for qPCR
- Fits all cyclers with height adjustable lid
- Fits all non fast cyclers
- Fits all 0,2 mL cyclers
- qPCR approved, identical raw material, high reproducibility
- Superior and highest signal to noise ratios in qPCR
- Available for all type of qPCR vessels
- qPCR approved, identical raw material, high reproducibility

8-cap strips

Our optical caps are flat thin-walled 8-cap strips. These caps are optically flat and have parallel area on top, which allow performing Real-Time qPCR experiments. Their extremely clear glass-grade area equals the performance properties of optical seals. When combined with our qPCR plates they exhibit better closure than other brand, thus less evaporation. Please refer to our compatibility table to use the correct caps compatible with your Real Time thermocycler.

If you are using a cycler with FAST block, please go for low profile strips (RT-STR8-LF120).

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