Intra- and Intermolecular S-S bonds

Intramolecular S-S bonds

1-3 disulfide S-S bridges : We can utilize orthogonal protection strategies to control specific bond formations for peptides containing 1-3 bridges.

≥4 disulfide bridges : formed naturally by creating the most thermodynamically stable product

Disulfide bridge(s) formed between cysteine residues of two (or more) peptide chains

MALDI matrix cluster ions as internal references for ion mobility measurements.
Mwangi JN, Todd DA, Chiu NH.
Springer Berlin Heidelberg; 2019.

From AnaSpec (Eurogentec's US subsidiary) : The 95% pure peptide (YSTCDFIM), was cyclized between the sulfur group of cysteine residue and the C-terminal and has a monoisotopic mass of 960.3721 Da.

Other constrained peptides