Our brand-new labs are now fully operational

After a year of revamping, we are thrilled to announce that our new Process Transfer & Development labs are ready for your projects!

1000 m² (10 750 ft²) dedicated to the optimization of your plasmid and protein processes.

Equipped with all scales of fermenters, from the very small scale of the Ambr system to 5L, 30L and 50L fermenters, various lysis and purification equipment, and all the required QCs, we are ready to ensure the smoothest transition and scale-up from development to the GMP production area.


What’s new in our State-of-the-Art labs ?

  • Increased capacity to manage a growing number of projects.
  • Space optimization for greater efficiency.
  • A more ergonomic and pleasant working environment for our teams.

We drastically reduce the time schedule of your projects from early development phases to commercial mode.


Our experienced teams are ready to make a difference.

Our GMP biomanufacturing services

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