Labeling reagents

Protein Conjugates


Recombinant Protein A Conjugates

Protein A binds to the Fc domain of IgG’s from most mammals. When conjugated to biotin or fluorescent dyes, it can be used as a universal detection reagent for primary antibodies.



Case study

Figure : 3T3 cells stained with Rabbit anti-Tubulin IgG followed by Protein A-HiLyte™ Fluor 488 (A) and Protein A-HiLyte™ Fluor 647 (B).


BSA conjugates

BSA labeled with biotin or fluorescent dyes serve as important tracer molecules in several applications. For example, biotinylated BSA is widely used in binding assays, protein printing, carrier protein test and as a permeability probe. On the other hand, BSA labeled with fluorescent dyes such as HiLyte™ Fluor 488/555/647/750 have been used in quantitative studies of electroporation and measurement of plasma volume in rats. Other applications include studying the rate of receptor-mediated endocytosis/exocytosis and following intracellular protein processing. Further, BSA - HiLyte™ Fluor conjugates can be used in microvascular imaging and drug delivery studies.

OVA Conjugates

Recently, dyes/small molecules labeled to OVA (eg. biotin or fluorescent dyes) have complemented well with the OVA immune-molecule portfolio as OVA conjugates thereby supporting many assays such as immune complex recycling, antigen-uptakes etc. Serving also as protein analysis and cellular tracking markers, OVA-fluorescent dye conjugates such as with HiLyte™ 488/555/647 are being used in lymphatic circulation tracking and drug delivery studies.

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