Caps & Seals

qPCR optical 8-cap strip

These caps are optically flat and have parallel area on top, for optimal Real-Time qPCR results. Their extremely clear glass-grade area equals the performance properties of optical seals. When combined with our qPCR plates they exhibit better closure than other brands, thus less evaporation. 


qPCR optical seals

Our qPCR optical seals are non pierceable, but can be easily removed after the qPCR reaction is performed.

They have excellent optical quality properties and will not interfere with the signal leading to higher signal-to-noise ratio compared to other brands.

We use a special glue that will not change color when heated and does not decrease the emission light and has specially been developed for the type of plastic that we use leading to better closure and less evaporation. The seal itself is thicker than usual films, which avoid the risk to tear up the films. Moreover it will not curl and stick to itself.

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