DNA Base Phosphorothioate Link - 1 base

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We provide DNA base oligonucleotides in various quantities, length and purity level.
DNA base oligo can be customized by various modifications and delivered in different format on request.

Phosphorothioate bonds possess an increased resistance against nucleases due to the substitution of a non-bridging oxygen by sulphur.

Length: From 5 to 139 bases
Synthesis scale: 10 nmol - 40 nmol - 200 nmol - 1000nmol - 2.5 µmol - 5µmol - 10 µmol (Larger quantities available on request)
Modifications: More than 300 modifications available
Purifications: SePOP desalting, RP-Cartridge-Gold™, HPLC, PAGE, Dual HPLC, UltraPureGold™
Quality Control: MALDI-TOF MS
Format: Dried (except for unmodified SePOP desalted oligonucleotides from 15 to 39 DNA bases: 100 µM H2O by default). other formats on option
Packaging: 2 mL tube, 96-well or 384-well plates. Higher scales from 2.5 µmol may be delivered in 50mL tubes.


  • Phosphorothioate Linkage
Molecular Mass/ Weight
  • -
Modification Position
  • 3'
  • 5'
  • IN
Storage & stability
Resuspension condition
  • - Spin the tube briefly to collect the pellet in the bottom of the tube - Add an appropriate volume of recommended buffer (refer to technical data sheet) - Allow the tube to stand a few minutes - Vortex the tube for 15 seconds
Storage Conditions
  • Dried Oligonucleotides are stable for 18 months at ambiant temperature. Oligonucleotides in solutions are stable for 24 months at -20°C. (Tolerance -20°C± 5°C. ) For more information please refer to the Reconstitution-Storage-Stability page
  • Research use
Code Nacres
  • NA.51

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