Takyon™ Low ROX SYBR 2X MasterMix blue dTTP

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Takyon™ qPCR MasterMixes for SYBR® assays containing Low ROX passive reference are available in different formats from 1.5 ml to 10 x 7.5 ml. Takyon™ Kits deliver FAST, SENSITIVE and ACCURATE results on the following FAST & regular Cycling conditions.
On the Mx3000P®, Mx3005® and Mx4000®, both MasterMixes with and without ROX passive reference can be used depending on your needs. If you do not perform ROX normalisation on your results, we advise you to use the Takyon Kits for SYBR® Assay - No ROX which have been validated on these thermocyclers.

For carry-over prevention, combine any dTTP MasterMix with the new dUTP/UNG additive for 150 rxns: RT-UTPUNG-005, for 750 rxns: RT-UTPUNG-020
To convert any dTTP 2X Mastermix into a One-step RT-qPCR Kit, please use the Takyon™ One-step kit converter for 150 rxns: UF-RTAD-D0101, for 750 rxns: UF-RTAD-D0701

Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.


Kits components
  • Sample and 150 reactions kit contain: One tube (1.5 mL) of 2X MasterMix (red cap - amber tube) containing Takyon™ DNA polymerase, MgCl2 (2.5mM final concentration), SYBR Green®, dNTPs, Rox Passive reference, Inert blue dye, Stabilizers. 1.5 mL of 50 mM MgCl2 (clear cap; optional use) 750 reactions kit contains each: One bottle (7.5 mL) of 2X MasterMix (red cap - amber vial) containing Takyon™ DNA polymerase, MgCl2 (2.5mM final concentration), SYBR Green®, dNTPs, Rox Passive reference, Inert blue dye, Stabilizers. 1.5 mL of 50 mM MgCl2 (clear cap; optional use)
Quantity & Purity
  • 2 X
Storage & stability
  • In solution
Storage Conditions
  • For long term storage the Takyon™ Low Rox SYBR® MasterMix dTTP blue should be stored at a temperature between -15°C and -25°C in a constant temperature freezer. When stored under these conditions, the components are stable for 12 months. For short term storage the Takyon™ Low Rox SYBR® MasterMix dTTP blue can be stored at 4 °C for 6 months. Product must be stored in the dark.
qPCR compatible thermocyclers
Template type
  • cDNA/DNA
Volume activity
  • 20 µL
Detection Method
  • Research use
Code Nacres
  • NA.55

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