More than 10,000 m² of production area

We produce research and GMP grade chemical and biological components in dedicated inspected laboratories, clean rooms and GMP areas.

Constant internal oversight combined with frequent audits by customers and authorities, allows us to operate in highly-efficient and state-of-the-art facilities.

GMP Facilities for biomanufacturing

Our GMP manufacturing facilities are AFMPS and FDA inspected and are accredited for the production of clinical trial and commercial material.

We thoroughly check raw materials, area environment and production samples to eliminate any risk of contamination.

We have multiple GMP suites to perform fermentation, purification and filtration:

  • 4 GMP Fermentation suites (80 L, 150 L, 500 L, 2200 L fermentors)
  • 3 GMP Purification suites
  • 1 GMP 0.2µm Filtration suite

We have dedicated areas for process transfer and development. All projects are developed and optimized in these areas before being transferred to the GMP fermentation zones.

Our therapeutic services

ISO7 and ISO8 Certified Cleanrooms

Our state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities meet Class 100,000 (ISO8) and Class 10,000 (ISO7) standards with Class 100 (ISO5) working zones. Access to cleanrooms is authorized to qualified staff.

CRM Peptides, Diagnostic, Pre-clinical, clinical oligonucleotides and IVT RNA are manufactured under a controlled environment to prevent cross-contamination.

Our diagnostic services

Custom Assay Preparation

Our fully automated workstation and filling line allow us to prepare and deliver custom molecular assay in thermosealed plates, strips or tubes.
The production process takes place in ISO8 facility with full control of contamination risk.

Lab Developed Test Solutions Services

Peptides Production Laboratories

Located at AnaSpec, our fully-owned subsidiary (Fremont, US), our peptide synthesis laboratories are equipped with state of the art synthesizers which allow the production of grams of peptides up to 60 amino acids.

Thanks to our peptides experts we can easily manage the synthesis of complex peptides such as cyclic or constrained peptides.

Dedicated cleanrooms allow for the production of IVD GMP grade peptides.

Peptide offer

Oligonucleotides Synthesis Areas

Our Oligonucleotide manufacturing facilities are located in Belgium.

We deliver research, diagnostic and therapeutic grade oligonucleotides from µg to grams.

We have multiple synthesizers operating in parallel to ensure continuous production of standard and highly modified nucleic acid sequences. Our chemists are experts in complex oligo synthesis such as: siRNA, Double Dye Probes and long oligos.

Oligo Range

QC Testing

All products are quality controlled under specific environments according to their grade (Research, diagnostic, therapeutic). We have multiple Quality Control zones in our buildings to check the raw materials, the delivered products and samples during the production process.

Quality Management