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Labeling and Dyes

Labeling and Dyes

See the product data sheet for recommended buffers.  It is important to avoid buffer additive reducing agents (e.g. DTT), protein stabilizers (e.g. BSA) or sodium azide. Additionally, the following buffers should be avoided: tris, glycine, ammonium salts and buffers containing free amines.

The free dyes are removed during the purification step via the spin column that is provided with the kit. 

On average, we observe 70-80% yields.

Yes, but it is important to use a membrane molecular weight cut off that is small enough to prevent protein from being lost through the membrane pores.

Dyes in AnaTag kits have a succinimidyl ester reactive group which can bind to any free amine available on your protein.  Hence the dye can bind to any Lysine residues and protein N-terminus.