In vitro
antibody production

At Eurogentec, monoclonal antibodies are produced exclusively in vitro from hybridoma , in accordance with the Belgian animal regulations and the 2010-63-EU directive for animal welfare.

Up to
100g mAb manufacturing

Our facilities are equipped to produce from mg to gram mAb scale.

For requests of 200mg and higher, a test study is systematically performed to evaluate the hybridoma productivity.

The Best production scheme

Based on the requested mAb amount and the clone productivity, we select the best production scheme using flasks, roller bottles or bioreactors.

We adapt the conditions for mouse, human, or any other species monoclonal antibody production.

mAb production scale

Depending on the monoclonal antibody amount requested and the hybridoma production yield,
we select for you the most adapted production system which will guaranty the best production level.

For large-scale antibody production batches (>200 mg), a test run is always performed, to assess the clone productivity.
The cost for this test run is deduced from the subsequent production run to which the defined parameters are applied. 

Starting materials

Hybridoma cells

Murine hybridoma cells can be developed at Eurogentec
or provided by the customer.

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Research & Development

From 1 mg
to 100 mg

Culture in flasks or roller bottles


Pilot Study

From 100 mg
to 500 mg

Culture in roller bottles
Hybridoma characterization, mycoplasma testing, isotyping


Scale up

From 500 mg
to 100 g

Large scales are produced in hollow-fiber technology-based bioreactors (AutovaxID, up to 30g/month).


Downstream services

A large range of customization is available to tailor the program to your specific needs.

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incl. by mixed-mode chromatography

Affinity chromatography (protein A,G,L), ion exchange, gel filtration chromatography, IgM purification

Solutions for DNA and endotoxins removal


Concentration / Diafiltration
Following your specifications

Conjugation and freeze-drying services

Quality controls

Physico Chemical
Purity, Quantity, Integrity, Sterility,…

Method validation (ELISA, FACS, IHC,…)

Binding, cytotoxicity, antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC), CDC, in vivo testing…

Additional Services

  • By default, we use DMEM medium supplied with 10% serum, but different culture media or serum-free media can be selected on request.

  • Isotyping, sequencing, cell-line adaptation, cell banking, productivity assessment, variable chains sequencing, cloning for recombinant antibody generation.

  • ELISA assays development.

  • Mycoplasma testing and cell line decontamination can also be performed.

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