Classical vs Fast immunization program

Eurogentec provides a wide range of efficient custom polyclonal programs from
classical to the fastest proprietary program, Speedy 28-Day.

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Speedy 28-Day is the reference program to produce custom polyclonal antibodies at Eurogentec.

This proprietary program uses a non-Freund adjuvant that stimulates the immune response and
gives mostly IgG’s, despite the short immunization time.

You receive one shipment:

The pre-immune (negative control), intermediate bleed, and final bleed (unless you decide to adapt the program) are delivered at the end of the program.

Speedy 28-Day is recommended for :

A strong and quick response

An anti-PTM program

A quick access to purified and ready to use pAb

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Our classical programs provide high titer antibodies with excellent affinity.
Immunization lasts from 65 to 90 days depending on the host and the immune response. We can monitor the immune response after two months using the second intermediate bleed, and deliver the pre-immune and second intermediate bleeds to the customer for on site testing. This allows determining if the final bleed should be maintained as initially scheduled, or if a program adaptation is necessary.

You receive two shipments:

The pre-immune (negative control) and intermediate bleeds, delivered while the program is still running

The final bleed (unless you decide to adapt the program).

The classical programs are recommended when :

Repeating a pre-existing protocol already conducted with a classical program

Immunizing a host where the Speedy 28-Day program is not available
or not guaranteed (chicken, mouse, large animals,…)

Using an antigen of poor immunogenicity that may require a program prolongation

*This schedule is indicative and is subject to variations according to the program specifications

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Antibody production in different hosts

⚊  Speedy 28-day program allowed
⚊  Rabbit and small rodents are Specific Pathogen Free (SPF)

Other hosts available on request

Host selection parameters

Homology between the antigen and the host

The lower the homology, the higher the immune response.

When working with highly conserved mammalian proteins, it may be useful to use chicken as the host, which produce IgY and not IgG 

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If a high batch size is requested, one may immunize one goat or sheep (~1L serum per animal), several rabbits in parallel (~50ml serum each), or immunize one hen and collect several eggs (4 eggs contains as much antibody as the serum of one rabbit)

If double-staining experiments are to be performed, one may recommend combining one mammal (eg rabbit or mouse) and one hen, because the anti-IgG will not cross-react onto IgY, and vice versa

Immunizing one mouse requires 15µg protein per injection, while goat immunization will require 200µg per injection

Antigen quantity and bleed volume comparison


Min. antigen quantity / injection Bleed volumes / animal
Host Antigen MW
< 18 kDa
Antigen MW
> 18 kDa
Pre-immune Small Bleed Large bleed Final bleed Comment
Mouse 40 µg 15 µg 40-70 µl 40-70 µl 40-70 µl 300-500 µl Good to test antigenicity
Guinea pig 50 µg 30 µg 1 ml 1 ml 2-3 ml 10-15 ml For small serum volumes
Rat 50 µg 30 µg ± 2 ml ± 2 ml ± 2 ml 5-7 ml For small serum volumes
Chicken 200 µg 100 µg 1 egg 1 egg ± 8-10 eggs ± 8-10 eggs For mammalian antigens and large quantities of Antibodies, 4 eggs = 1 rabbit final bleed
Rabbit 200 µg 100 µg 2 ml 2 ml 20-25 ml 50-70 ml For most applications
Goat 400 µg 200 µg 2 ml 2 ml 250 ml 1000 ml For large batch volumes
Sheep 400 µg 200 µg 2 ml 2 ml 250 ml 1000 ml For large batch volumes
Llama 400 µg
in max 5 ml
200 µg 2 ml 2 ml 250 ml 1000 ml Single chain antibodies and for large batch volumes
Horse 400 µg 200 µg 2 ml 2 ml 250 ml 1000 ml For large batch volumes
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Any program can be adapted

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We can adapt to your requirements, including animal sanitary check and reporting, serum batch selection, highly documented productions, large batches supply, and long-term supply with high reproducibility, among others.


The most frequent deliverables are crude serum and purified antibodies, but we can also isolate organs (bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes..) and cells (B-cells…).

Animal welfare

Our facilities comply with the highest standards for animal welfare

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Large Projects

  • We can handle projects from small to very large size
  • Multiple animal immunizations can be handled simultaneously
  • Immunizations can be conducted over very long periods

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