Takyon® qPCR Kits are suitable for multiplexing!

Up to 4 Targets

Confidently detect multiple targets simultaneously in a single reaction.

Efficient Dyes

IP-frendly portfolio of dyes covering all the qPCR Channels.

High Sensitivity

Optimized formulation for the clear detection of low copy targets.

Optimize your qPCR multiplex assay

Start with an evaluation kit

Multiplex qPCR assay set-up requires efficient reagents and meticulous optimization,
such as reagent concentration and reaction condition adjustments to deliver reproducible and accurate results.

Define the best conditions to start your assay, using one of our evaluation kits

Select a kit

A Dye for each qPCR Channel

Our large collection of dyes covers the full visible spectrum.

We can produce your qPCR Probes according to your assay specification.

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Avoid cross-contamination in DNA testing

E. coli Uracil-N-glycosylase (UNG) efficiently hydrolyses single or double-stranded DNA and eliminates any trace of DNA molecules
containing dUTP
from previous reactions.

dUTP/UNG additive can be purchased separately to convert any dTTP MasterMix into a carryover prevention compatible kit.

Please note that this option is not compatible with One-Step kits.

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Advantages of Multiplexing

Multiplex qPCR is a powerful technology allowing the detection of multiple nucleic acid sequences in a single reaction.
This method requires robust qPCR reagents and a set of qPCR probes each labeled with a different fluorescent dye.

Multiple Detection

Detect in a single assay various targets at a time using a set of probes labeled with optimal fluorescent dyes.

Increased Accuracy

Run your assay with multiple controls in one single tube to increase quality and trust in your results.

Efficient method

Save time, reagents and resources to perform multiple target detection without compromising the sensitivity of your assay.

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