Why choosing custom genes?

De novo synthesis of DNA considerably improve the protein expression yield and quality.

They guarantee the absence of undesired mutation or single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), which may influence downstream applications.


Guaranteed sequence

Custom genes benefits

  • From simple gene to highly complex sequence
  • Allow gene optimization
  • Fast and simple

Base pairs

Length up to 8 kbp

to 20

Working Days

Depending on the sequence length

µg of plasmid DNA

Carrying your Custom Gene(s)

Gene synthesis features

Your gene

  • Gene length up to 8 000 bp
  • GC rich content compatible
  • Repeated sequences are not an issue
  • Adding or removing restriction sites
  • Adding or removing specific constraints


Optimization of sequences can be applied to your gene to ensure the best regulation:

  • TATA boxes
  • SD sequence
  • Terminal signal
  • GC content
  • Cryptic splicing sites
  • Negative CpG islands
  • Codon usage bias
  • mRNA secondary structure
  • Premature PolyA sites
  • RNA instability motif


  • Free cloning into pUC57 (by default)
  • Cloning in your own vector or other vectors such as pcDNA and pET types available on request


Trusted quality ensured:

  • 100 % sequence of your Custom Gene(s)
  • Size of the inserted fragment
  • Flanking regions of the chosen vector
  • DNA quality and quantity


You will receive:

  • Custom Gene(s) ≥ 2000 bp delivered within 15-20 WDays
  • Delivery in 8-10 WDays Option available for genes ≤ 800 bp without complex sequences
  • 4 µg of lyophilized plasmid DNA carrying your Custom Gene(s)
  • A printout of the sequence alignment confirmed by sequencing
  • A plasmid map to locate the flanking regions and restriction sites
  • General information and instructions to directly use your Custom Gene(s)
  • Quality Assurance Certificate