Transformation & Transfection

Electroporation Cuvettes

Compatible with most existing electroporation systems

  • Moulded in high quality polycarbonate
  • Extremely precise and uniform electrode gaps
  • Tapered bottom for easier sample handling (1 & 2 mm)
  • As low as 10 µl of electrocompetent cell (for 1 & 2 mm)
  • Lids with a double internal seal, ensuring perfect sterility and absence of aerosols
  • Individually packaged and sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Electrically and biologically controlled
  • DNA Extraction & Purification

    Easy to use kits intended for the quick and efficient mini-purification or extraction of nucleic acids from various sample types

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  • Electrophoresis system

    Compact and innovative devices for nucleic acid sequence electrophoresis

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