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2x Master Mix

  • Ready-to-use all-in-one qPCR reagent
  • Maximum reproducibility
  • Minimal contamination risk



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2x Master Mix

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Clear Blue
With carry-over prevention -
Without carry-over prevention - Blue dTTP mix + One-Step kit converter

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The inert blue dye included into Blue kits allows you to visualize dispensing errors at a glance and avoid aberrant results before they occur. This is particularly true when using white plates, known for their superior performances.

Blue additive is available to convert clear mixes.

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Carry-over prevention

Any trace of DNA molecule from previous reaction containing dUTP will be removed by the action of the UNG.

  • UNG kits contain dUTP and UNG.
  • dTTP kits can be converted by adding dUTP/UNG additive. 

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